Hanscom AFB Directory

For the full Hanscom Air Force Base Directory with all the numbers, hours, and locations you need, visit: http://basedirectory.com/air-force/hanscom-afb-directory

Hanscom AFB Operator (Directory Assistance): 781-225-1110

Hanscom AFB Commissary: 781-377-4210

Hanscom AFB Exchange: 781-862-0580

Hanscom AFB Billeting Office (BEQ/BOQ): 781-225-4444

Hanscom AFB Fitness Center: 781-225-6630

Hanscom AFB Barber Shop: 781-862-1956

Hanscom AFB Medical Clinic: 781-225-6789

Hanscom AFB Dental Clinic: 781-225-6324

Hanscom AFB Movie Theater: 781-377-7940

Hanscom AFB Child Development Center: 781-225-6129